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 Jan 9th 2021

Axillary simulator demonstration video (youtube)

YOUNG TAH INSTRUMENTS CO.,  LTD., Taiwan                                                                                                                                                                                 

Oct 10th 2020

Epidural Simulator in use by Guidestar Medical Devices.


Oct 1st 2020

NYSORA hand the reins to Valkyrie 

 Oct 7th 2019

From nursing, medicine and health care to education and psychology, Nova Southeastern University’s Tampa Bay Regional Campus prides itself on providing its students with the edge they need to enter the workplace and become tomorrow’s leaders. The purchase of NYSORA SIMULATORS (now MINISIM) has substantially facilitated training, testing and knowledge acquisition of the trainees at the Nova Training Center.

The Nova training campus is based in Clearwater, Florida, and features a dedicated Regional Anesthesia Block Room, also making this the only program in the United States to have a dedicated regional anesthesia suite.

Browse through the images below to see the MINISIM SIMULATORS in action at the Nova state-of-the-art simulation lab.

 Gallery Images